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Wild Little Roses

Moss Poles

Moss Poles

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The climbing pole can be used for coir bar, plant climbing frame, flower stand, coconut shell moss stick (for plant support expansion), indoor climbing plants or creepers.

1. High-quality Material: The shell totem pole is made of natural coconut shell moss fiber, which is safe for your plants. It helps plants maintain moisture and nutrients so they grow better.
2. Sturdy Support: The sturdy sharp-edged wooden stick makes the pole easy to insert into the soil, providing strong support for plant expansion. The rope wrapped around the pole securely holds the coconut shell moss for long-term use.
3. Wide Use: The totem coconut pole is an ideal support for a variety of indoor climbing plants. It is ideal for climbing plants, vines and creepers.
4. Each coconut rod has a height of 15 inches and includes a wooden stick with a diameter of 1.8 inches. Inside each coconut shell is a PVC tube. Insert one pole into the other to get a total height of 24 inches.

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