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In Person Group Reading with Andrew Spirit - Psychic Medium March 22, 2022

In Person Group Reading with Andrew Spirit - Psychic Medium March 22, 2022

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Join us for an in person group reading with Andrew Spirit on March 22, 2022 !

Time: 6:30pm-8:30pm

Location: Richards Coffee House


Andrew Spirit is an author, a life coach, spiritual teacher, healer and psychic medium and has been dedicating his life to helping others with their life journey. 

As a psychic medium, Andrew  is able to connect and offer messages from Spirit as well as attune to and interpret energies from his clients during readings.  This enables him to provide an array of healing messages, as well as insight for those looking for clarity and assistance in order to move forward in their lives. 
Andrew's work with psychic mediumship has clearly shown that communicating with spirit can be a tremendous source of resolve, closure, and especially healing to those in need.  He is an active spiritualist, author, and motivational teacher, who loves teaching spiritual development classes & workshops. 

​He is also a healer and his energy healings provide many benefits: from relief of physical pain, increased mental clarity, emotional well-being, and an overall sense of balance.  During a healing session, Andrew is able to connect with his clients on a spiritual energetic level, and intuitive messages of a healing nature are often provided and discussed right afterwards.


***Andrew will do his best to get around to everyone, but a direct message is not guaranteed***

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