Psychic Medium Group Reading with Andrew Spirit

Psychic Medium Group Reading with Andrew Spirit

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With Andrew Spirit
Psychic Medium

Come spend the evening with message from spirits with Andrew.

Andrew  Spiritual Development Teacher and Healer I get great satisfaction out of helping (and learning from) people. Former teacher and President of the Divine Light Spiritual Foundation in Oshawa.

As a Psychic Medium, he is able to connect and offer messages from Spirit as well as interpret energies from clients during readings.  He is able to provide insights for those looking for clarity and assistance in order to move forward as well as closure and healing to those in need.

Andrew also teaching Spiritual Development & Natural Law classes, as well as Workshops.

Group Medium Reading
At Wild Little Roses 
January 10th


Please note, at a group reading each person is not guaranteed a ready, but Andrew will try his best to get any or all messages across to the group!