Moon Hanger February 21st 7pm-9pm

Moon Hanger February 21st 7pm-9pm

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Spend the evening creating this beautiful hanging decor peice

this is a short class, and you will be able to choose the color based on your desires 

cool neat items will be available to spruce up your chime


So you love the Moon Hanger but don’t really want to attend the workshop? 


You don’t have to! We can make it for you!


All you need to do is register the same way you would for a workshop, but in the special instructions write please make for me!


Your order will be ready for pick up the same night as the event!

Feb 21st 7pm-9pm



Megan Brazeau Chief Designer and Stylist will teach you all you need to know

Located in Willow's Studio (Wild Little Roses) located on 7 Perth St, you will step into a green serene environment to make your class much more enjoyabe.