Monthly Mason Jar Subscription

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Monthly Mason Jar Subscription

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Mason Jar Subscriptions are a perfect gift for a loved one, or even yourself - fresh flowers every month to brighten up a room!

Each month a fresh, beautiful mason jar of seasonal blooms will be created. Products may vary from the photo attached, but they are always filled to value or over-value with new, exciting designs every month!

We ask that you please return your old mason jar at time of pick up or delivery. 



Option 1: Pick up your mason jar arrangement at the shop on the LAST FRIDAY of every month for 1 year - $229.99 

Option 2: Delivery on the LAST FRIDAY of every month for 1 year - $329.00


*Please note if this is being purchased as a gift LEAVE A NOTE WITH RECIPIENT'S INFORMATION along with the flowers! We will send a card on first time purchase, and deliver it within town at no charge on the first time. Enter SUBSCRIPTION in the coupon box to waive your delivery fee.*

**This subscription is non-refundable.**