LOCASTA💫💫💫 Precious Stone and Lava Bracelet

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LOCASTA💫💫💫 Precious Stone and Lava Bracelet

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LOCASTA💫💫💫 🌍🌙🌚🔮Made with the intention of power LOCASTA a Lava Stone and Amazonite precious stone bracelet will provide your with strength and a deeper connection with the physical and natural world! The blend of both Amazonite and precious stones with in Han day your spiritual senses.    

Bracelets are made to order from natural and unique gemstones, they will be slightly different than on the pictures each stone is a natural design. Please feel free to ask for a picture of your order for approval before shipment.

All the Bracelets are cleaned with Sage and Reiki before the shipping process. Please allow 3 to 5 business days for shipping

Bracelet made with a stretch cord hight quality
Amazonite 8mm

Lava Rock 8mm