Healing You

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Healing You

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Healing you, your lifestream relationships, the world around you

* The arisement of you which is raising your frequency while saying bye bye to the debris and moving discomfort/pain up and out of the body principal.
* Discussions are open for questions concerns and issues about and for you, that dear ones have and that arise to be addressed.
* Getting our power back in this lifetime and where we've given it away in past incarnations.
* How we've been stuck in a karmic cycle doing and repeating the sex power greed scenario of the third dimension.
* Superseding all fear levels of the veils of separation and saying bye bye to those fears once and for all.
* Bringing about clarity of who you really are and why your on the planet at this particular time.

Cost is $15 per person payment at the door
Please call in advance to hold your seat