Sedum Morganianum (Burro's Tail), hanging 6"

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Sedum Morganianum (Burro's Tail), hanging 6"

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Indoor Lighting Requirements

Find the brightest spot to place your plant. For your plant to survive and thrive indoors, it needs to receive adequate lighting. Choose a south-facing window if possible. Generally speaking, it needs approximately 5-6 hours of bright light per day to thrive.

Soil Requirements
Just like with other succulent plants, burro's tails needs well-draining soil. We recommend using a cactus potting mix and combine it with perlite for added drainage. You can also consider using sandy soil. This can be achieved by mixing cactus mix or potting soil with coarse sand (about 2:1 ratio).

Watering Requirements
Water approximately every 7-10 days in warmer months, and 10-14 days when the weather cools down. We recommend giving the plant a good drink and leaving it alone until the soil is dry. One good way to tell whether it’s time to water is to check the moisture of the soil. The top inch of the soil needs to feel dry before you can water again.

If you are unsure how much and how often to water in the beginning, it’s always better to underwater and increase watering as needed. Pay attention to how your plant looks and you can adjust watering accordingly. If you need further help with watering techniques, consider using tools like hygrometers or moisture meters to check for moisture in the soil and air.
Underwatered = leaves will shrivel (time to water!); Overwatered = soft/mushy-looking leaves, that will drop at the slightest touch (stop watering, allow to dry out, and if it doesn't improve repot with fresh, dry soil)