Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy), hanging 6"

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Golden Pothos (Devil's Ivy), hanging 6"

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Beautifully-lush Devil's Ivy hanging plant, comes in a 6 inch pot!



An excellent beginner plant, it’s not fussy at all and can thrive in both bright sunlight or dim lighting inside your home. The only lighting conditions it can’t tolerate are full, direct sun and complete darkness. If exposed to bright, filtered light, your devil’s ivy will have more yellow variegation in its leaves.​

The root system of pothos plants is rather shallow, so you only need to water a little bit to penetrate the roots. Water it as often as needed during the growing months of spring and summer. Just avoid soaking the soil completely and you should be fine.

As far as soil goes, a standard houseplant potting mix is perfectly fine. It should be well-draining, but hold on to enough water to remain moist in between watering (devil’s ivy doesn’t like super dry soil).

You should prune your plant to control its shape over the year. Sometimes it will send out vines that look a bit bare except for foliage at the very bottom, so pruning those back will make your plant more aesthetically pleasing. They grow so quickly that you can prune back heavily to reshape your plant and it will start coming back in no time.​

Along with being easy to care for, golden pothos is also one of the easiest houseplants to propagate! You can simply clip the vines and root golden pothos in water. New roots will form at leaf nodes, which are directly under a leaf. When you make your cutting, remove the lowest leaves and place the cuttings in water.