Frosted Pepermonia, hanging basket

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Frosted Pepermonia, hanging basket

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Peperomia Frost is one of over a thousand Peperomia species, specifically having rippled fleshy green leaves with a frost-appearance covering and dark green veins. The plants’ flowers are spiky and inconspicuous.

They prefer bright, indirect sunlight, as direct sun can be harmful. They also enjoy humidity, which can be achieved by misting or with a pebble tray under your plant. Let the soil dry fairly thoroughly and then provide a deep watering, allowing water to run through the drainage holes - but do not allow the plant to sit in water. Peperomia like a soilless potting mix made up of one part sand or perlite and two parts peat. The most important qualities to consider are good drainage and aeration. Peperomia does better with less root space. A shallow pot is a better choice than a deep one.

Pinch back spindly stems as needed to help your plant maintain a full, bushy shape.