A Conversation with Your Living Animal April 18th 7pm-9pm

A Conversation with Your Living Animal April 18th 7pm-9pm

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Come spend the evening with Animal Communicator Christine Noble Seller as she sets out helping animal lovers talk with their best friends. This even Christine will focus on connecting with your living animals

Speaking to animals or animal communication is more accurate description of this event. Christine will communicate with your animal and you can ask questions - it's truly a conversation.

There is no limit as to how a communication session can help support you and your animal(s): 

  • Understand the message(s) and lesson(s) your animals are sharing with you
  • You may want to consult with Tweety about a change happening in your home or family (a move, schedule change, etc) 
  • How would Buddy feel about another dog in the home? 
  • How is Max feeling and doing after the loss (since the break up, death, or now the kids have gone to school)? 
  • Where would Fluffy rather stay when you're out of town? 
  • Check in Star about her preferences for food, play, exercise and her pair bond in the herd
  • Why is Tigger urinating outside his litterbox? (a visit to the vet's first to rule out medical causes is always recommended)
  • Learn what's behind a behaviour and negotiate a compromise that works for everyone

 This is a 2 hour event and only 8 people per event.

This ensures a more intimate experience. 

You are asked to bring a photo of their special animal(s).

Christine speak with animals using their name and photo. Cell pics work too.



For a little more insight on Animal Communicator Christine Noble Seller you can visit her website: https://www.christinenobleseller.com