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6" Rhipsalis Baccifera

6" Rhipsalis Baccifera

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Rhipsalis baccifera, commonly known as the mistletoe cactus and is characterized by long thread-like stems and creamy-white flowers. This plant forms hanging clusters that are typically 3 feet long or greater when mature. This is by far the most commonly grown cacti in the genus.


Naturally found in the understory of trees, Rhipsalis prefers bright, indirect light and can tolerate direct morning and evening light. The best place to put it is at least a few feet removed from a window, but Rhipsalis is an extremely hardy plant.


A typical cactus potting mix should be fine for a Rhipsalis cactus, ideally one that contains some organic material. They can also do well with a standard potting mix blended with even parts of sand. 


Keep these plants moist, but do not allow them to sit in standing water. Falling leaves can signify that the plant is overwatered. they like considerably more humidity than the typical desert cactus. During the dry months of winter, some growers like to provide extra humidity with a room humidifier.

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