Jasmin Plant, 10"

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Jasmin Plant, 10"

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Cool temperatures and the right location in a well-lit room or sunny window is important for the Jasmine plant. Good air circulation helps promote showy white, winter blooms when growing it indoors. The plant can tolerate as much as four hours per day of direct sunlight, from late spring through fall, and decreased direct sunlight in winter.

Soil for indoor jasmine plants should be porous and may be modified with bark, coir or other organic materials. The soil mixture should remain moist throughout the year, but not soggy. Less water is needed during the resting period following bloom decline.

Pruning is necessary when growing jasmine indoors. As you’re learning how to care for a jasmine houseplant, you may find it getting out of hand if you don’t prune regularly to keep it under control. Prune heavily at the beginning of the spring growing season while training the twining vine to a support.